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Avow and Sinta's Wedding

On June 5th, 2004, some friends gathered at Naboo's lush Lake Retreat to witness the wedding between Avow Bosle and Sinta Etunae.

With Jeave Humon presiding, the ladies exchanged vows.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered on the steps for group photos.

Back Row: Mich'ael Paladin, Jeave Humon, Zookeeper Curby, Dosisx
Center Row: Seare Eci, Zakonel Katanos, Avow Bosle, Sinta Etunae
Front Row: Katier Rax, Andria Pasretti, Sumal Rax, Caeris

Then the party started...

... and everyone enjoyed the cool afternoon ...

... and danced into the evening.

Even some local passersby joined in the festivities.

Dosisx redefines the term bridal shower. He would soon be joined by Jeave and Curby.

The Bantha Shrine's gift to the happy couple.

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