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Disclaimer: These are funny to me or otherwise important to me. They'll probably confuse you, insult you, or anger you. Many are deliberately out of context. If you take any of these seriously or at face value, you are an idiot. If you're still reading this paragraph, you are an idiot. If you were duped into even coming here, you are an idiot. If that offended you, you better press Back. If you are under the age of 21 or over the age of 20, you MUST leave this page immediately.

Quotes for each page update are grouped together; updates are separated by lines. Quotes are listed blog-style, newest ones on top!

Typos are preserved (including mine), but I'm too lazy to say [sic].

[GuildChat] ssrak: I pulled a Relan
[GuildChat] corak: you shagged a wookie?
Orrekazzapirr [ERROR,lovingly]>Curby: Good.
[GuildChat] eto: wait...does that mean I have power?
[GuildChat] eto: so I can overthrow the jacket?
[GuildChat] leonia: no
[GuildChat] leonia: you have to go through me first
[GuildChat] eto: *steps over leonia* ok that was easy :D
[GuildChat] leonia: SHUT UP
[GuildChat] relan: women... 8shrugs*
[GuildChat] pappi: pfft
[GuildChat] pappi: what about women? :O
[GuildChat] corak: they don't fit in packs
[GuildChat] curby: oh how precious. a gurreck forest stalker is attacking the sith that i'm attacking
[GuildChat] curby: fuzzies unite!
[GuildChat] pappi: curby scares me sometimes
[GuildChat] curby: why? fuzzies are nice
[GuildChat] relan: me too pappi
[GuildChat] dareth: SHIT
[GuildChat] vralin: ..
[GuildChat] dareth: afk and the sith spawned and attacked
[GuildChat] vralin: oh, it was a typo, you meant to type SITH
[GuildChat] haelous: feign death is amazing
[GuildChat] zane: it doesn't always work
[GuildChat] zane: useless in pvp
[GuildChat] curby: hey, just like me =P
Oule Lightbringer: looking for teras kasi training
Curby: i can
Oule Lightbringer: looking for teras kasi training
Curby: oh ffs
Oule Lightbringer: looking for teras kasi training
corpse of Agofadeiw Oasog (a slaver) [howls,fanatically]: Go on then, try an' do that again!
and later...
corpse of Perebaf Oson (a thug) [demands,angrily]: Yer barely scratchin' me!

[GuildChat] sturdivant: Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers!
[GuildChat] zarathustra: oh, thanks for reminding me :)
[GuildChat] relan: gotta call mine later
[GuildChat] zarathustra: me too
[GuildChat] oryo: yeah well Kayl's got an affinity for them Ackeh. Did my RM then my Jedi grind on them. ^^
[GuildChat] oryo: mt
[GuildChat] curby: in the context of mothers, doing a "jedi grind" on them is pretty awful =P
[GuildChat] quette: woohoo got my 750 mining minerals
[GuildChat] quette: definitely is boring solo
[GuildChat] lynnth: that I can believe - shoot rock, chase rock, shoot rock, and repeat
[GuildChat] curby: SWG: Golf in space
22:16:14 Elysium hits corpse of a male plains tusk cat 1225 pts
22:16:14 Corpse of a male plains tusk cat (baby) misses
22:16:21 Curby hits corpse of a male plains tusk cat (baby) 922 pts

(Zombies in SWG!)
[TestCenter.Chat.TCPA] destroyer: ps lamm spells like rotten tacos
[TestCenter.Chat.TCPA] lamm: I spell like what?
[TestCenter.Chat.TCPA] destroyer: sorry that was supposed to be smells
[TestCenter.Chat.TCPA] lamm: so YOU spell like rotten tacos?
[GuildChat] pappi: oh, you're not an asshole, you're a wannabe
[GuildChat] curby: what do i wanna be?
[GuildChat] pappi: an asshole :P

(She don't know me)
Barny Gumble: now inviting %TT
Apeb Eochrairhon [yells]: now inviting Speederbike
Marie-Rogue D'Ancanto: to hell with it I want you deep inside of me now screw waiting 4 hrs lol
Marie-Rogue D'Ancanto: Umm mt
Joesph Kain: 10
Marie-Rogue D'Ancanto: darn it to heck
Seakla Kove: 10
Seakla Kove: I was pissed off my whacker.
[GroupChat] ub-ick: vegemite and cum :P
[GroupChat] javy: What the hell are you talking about in here!
[GroupChat] javy: I get back to "vegemite and cum"
[GuildChat] curby: wtf a chyunker nitwit is shooting at me
[GuildChat] curby: silly nitwit

(I wonder who the devs were thinking of
when coming up with these NPC names.)
A Chunker Nitwit
Dosisx snickers.
Dosisx: Banthas in chef hats.....
Dosisx: Now THAT would be something to see.
Kipper Herring: bantha doing UAHit 3
Kipper Herring: spinning around and around
Kipper Herring: bantha doing exotic dances
Dosisx: Bantha using polearms!
Secoot Eci rolls on the floor laughing.
Dosisx: Hahaha, exotic4 Bantha!

(Considering the consequences of making Banthas a playable species)
[ent] taliesen: awww a Dim-u priest camp
[ent] curby: ooh are there fuzzies there?
[ent] taliesen: of course. As is my own
[ent] curby: sigh. still i need to get fuzzies here and on chili
[ent] doasa: What fuzzies
[ent] doasa: I thought you wanted female mon cals curb
[ent] curby: yes different mounts for different purposes
[ent] doasa: Ok... quick question... why are they're so many space cruise lines all of a sudden
[ent] taliesen: Something to do?
[ent] erassa: cause its fun?
[ent] akabai: Because we love orcs?
[ent] jarveth: Space Cruise Lines?
[ent] curby: would you like fries with that?
[GuildChat] zaknafein: whats up zak?
[GuildChat] eabo: You just asked yourself whats up P
[GuildChat] zaknafein: er
[GuildChat] zaknafein: jeave
[GuildChat] zaknafein: lol
Osskana Potia: dose eney one now were the frogs are

Proud winner of the SWG Bad Speling Aword
Sirii Ajaan: this is my "Wicked Witch of West Corellia" look...
Sirii Ajaan: ...the outfit I wear when I give novice entertainer girls poisoned sleepy melons
Curby wants nothing to do with her melons.
[GroupChat] panthu: suit shit in pappi purple
[GroupChat] tiaga: remind me not to get suits from Panthu's tailor.
[TCPA] stootee: no kidding... I guess that's not as bad as the 16 year old. just dont' cross state lines. :P
[TCPA] stootee: er, mt...
[TCPA] stootee: so uh... what's going on?
[TCPA] stootee: /scrollchatwindow up
[TCPA] stootee: yeah, sitting right in the driveway
[TCPA] stootee: bah!
[TCPA] stootee: of course not! we were drunk and 15, haha
[TCPA] stootee: ok. someone else talk now
[TCPA] stootee: it's much worse when I'm just mistelling like an idiot and everyone else is just watching me...
20:54:01 [TCPA] ma'seph: ok, I'll be there in a few :)
20:54:03 [TCPA] curby: CRAP
20:54:04 [TCPA] curby: mt
20:54:05 [TCPA] ma'seph: mt
 08/06/04  Blast from the past!
[ent] curby: i had a bantha called fuzzielord... wanted to make one called fuzzieknight, but that was filtered. had a gaping spider queen but couldn't call her Queenie. but this guy who was made at my guild made a char called "nipples" go fig

[TCPA] cagra: Whenever I see screenies of EQ2 it looks like a world modeled out of clay
[TCPA] curby: whenever i see screenies of doom3, looks like the people are all sculpted out of gray
[TCPA] fyrakin: my chest is253/103/71
[TCPA] crystalina: my chest is 34B
[TCPA] kipper: you have been incapacitated by a spineflap guard (baby)
[TCPA] kipper: no joke!
[TCPA] cagra: that's skillful

combat spam snippet
Krose Ewiew: end'e is endured soles
Curby: Endearing Souls, based inLustria
Krose Ewiew: lol
Curby: endured soles? that's like sore feet =P
Tuskon Raid'r: oops
Curby: oops is one of those words IDs should use ALL the time
Kitchwa Tembo: your buffs were so bad they killed her!
Kitchwa Tembo rubs one index finger over the other at Poden' Ny'Lye. Tsk Tsk.
Poden' Ne'Lye shushes Kitchen Master's Hat.

(more fun with ambiguous prefixes)
16:36:51 [GuildChat] podon: one food fac, ready to go :)
16:37:05 [GuildChat] mecca: wahoo:)
16:37:17 [GuildChat] podon: /whisper its pink
16:37:28 [GuildChat] kipper: wahoo =P
16:39:23 [GuildChat] mecca: sorry - ctd'ed
16:39:41 [GuildChat] mecca: you said pink and I crashed
[TCPA] sovisx: Froggy lover in theed says next to the stormtroopers "I want to be a jedi"
[TCPA] sovisx: Stormtroopers incap him instantly.
[TCPA] sovisx: That, was awesome.
 08/29/04  Blast from the past!
Erisi Mistrunner: I knew I'd find you
curby'temp: you mean that i'd walk in eventually?
Erisi Mistrunner: Yep
 04/09/04  And again!
Ell' Kabong: Sanctify all of your servants bodily secretions, O Lord, so that we may lap at each others, as if they were your own.
Evelina Eriksdotter shakes her head negatively at Ell' Kabong.
Evelina Eriksdotter: oh dear oh dear

orba tells you: what kind of tissues?
[GuildChat] curby: ent
[GroupChat] curby: mt
[GuildChat] curby: mt
[GroupChat] curby: mt on the mt
You reply to orba, 'ent'.
[GuildChat] ahsidh: offer him 800, you'll get better service
[GuildChat] ahsidh: mt :p
[GuildChat] caleb: taken out of context, that's rather funny:D
11:25:06 zakonel' tells you: I REALLY hate that guy <.<
11:25:09 You reply to zakonel', 'man i hate this guy'.
Zakonel' Katanos: ok erm.. just don't tell Tess you saw me afking mmmk?
Zookeeper Curby: don't worry, i will
Cake' screenies that coment.
Cake' sticks her tongue out at Zakonel' Katanos.

You flail wildly at Blue Light Specials.
Kipper Herring: whoops
You flail wildly at Bluegill Tartarsauce.

(ambiguous prefix for /flail blue - I ended up flailing at a lamppost)
Reeli Owoo: Thank you, Zoo :)
Zookeeper Curby: no relli =O
Zookeeper Curby: erm two typos there
Zookeeper Curby: three typos there
Zookeeper Curby: np reeli =)
[GuildChat] zarand: is it a game you would have to play with real life people?
[GuildChat] caleb: wtf is a real life person?
[GuildChat] deegraww: hey all i'm back lol
[GuildChat] jeave: darn

Odilatinam: notice anything different?
Pappi: hehe
Pappi: fake odi
Pappi: see, if I kiss this one, it freaks out
You look at Pappi and exclaim "EEK!"
[GroupChat] curby'temp: damn my target is fighting again
[GroupChat] curby'temp: oh wait that's a good thing
[GroupChat] curby'temp: thug killed my destroy target

(Target was killed by his own bodyguards.)
[GuildChat] pappi: Curbe
[GuildChat] pappi: eeeee
Zakonel Katanos: hmmm
Zakonel Katanos: 20 vs 2...
Zakonel Katanos: sounds fair

(It was actually 32 vs 2.)
Overhead shot of enemies
Zakonel Katanos: yay me and mich have small balls!
(after a failed corvette run)

[GroupChat] outpost: going to eat
[GroupChat] kongslie: going to bed
[GroupChat] kipper: going to cry
You kiss a frenzied graul gently on the lips.
Kissing a graul
Kipper Herring: i like it because it's the english spelling for the japanese pronunciation of the first letter of the english spelling of the japanese word for perversion
[GroupChat] petalouda: ooh, lookie this
[GroupChat] petalouda: cute dead people pattern
This is your server... this is your server on Live...
Chat snippet
[GroupChat] dosisx: Emy
[GroupChat] dosisx: Come back here
[GroupChat] emy: oh youre buffing
[GroupChat] zookeeper: dos wanna let me kill emy?
[GroupChat] zookeeper: i mean buff emy
[GroupChat] kipper: aww they wanna snuggle
[GroupChat] emy: snuggle my hammer
[GroupChat] kipper: hey that's not nice

(Sometimes fuzzies will come up to nuzzle you. They might get excited and hurt you accidentally, but that's no reason to kill them. Notice that this fuzzie has a snuggle rate of one snuggle every four seconds.)
Tusken Bantha
[GuildChat] aluva: I use a 8".....I can handle much larger but I like the motion of it
[GuildChat] aluva: /snicker
Chat snippet
Zookeeper Curby: i'd be bringing kip. i can't tame babies -(
Zookeeper Curby: o mean =)
Zookeeper Curby: i mean "i mean =)"
[GuildChat] flidais: and my breasts in this white tshirt are so dirty that they look like a mudblown snowdrift
[GuildChat] kipper: pappi's on the phone. and sucks.
[GuildChat] kipper: (her words)
[GuildChat] kipper: now she's complaining
[GuildChat] bushido: Kipper? what a horrible thing to say
[GuildChat] trayson: ok, bad thoughts running through my head, will keep qiet
ra'chet tells you: You left your walking veal...er...Koppie in the cantina all unattended. (licks his lips)
You reply to ra'chet, 'psha, even though Koppie's gentle, he can and will disembowel you faster than a GPS if you try anything of the sort'.
ra'chet tells you: Bah! I am not intimidated by his little green dot. <grin>
You reply to ra'chet, 'judge him by his dot, do you? you should not, for the cute is his ally, and a powerful ally it is'.
ra'chet tells you: But I am a powerful Musician/Dancer...er...OK, you win.
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