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Zookeeper Curby, Keeper of the Shrine

Quick Stats

Name:Aouousoeueupoeuur Suuluruuay (Zookeeper Curby)
Profession:Doctor, Rifleman
Statistics:550 Health, 550 Action, 1200 Mind
Order Rank: Shrinekeeper
Rebel Rank:Private


Zookeeper Curby was studying to becoming a veterinarian when Kipper Herring asked if he would like to become a Shrinekeeper for the New Unity Chapter of the Order. He accepted, and gradually broadened his studies to treat the ailments and wounds of humanoids as well as animals.

After becoming a Master Doctor, he worked towards becoming an accomplished Rifleman to improve his support role in combat. He could often be found in New Unity's Cantina at nights, preparing adventurers and warriors for their upcoming battles or treating their diseases and wounds.

These activities and crafting of medicines ultimately took so much time that he was unable to learn any Creature Handling skills from Kipper. His name is now a bit of a misnomer, though he still takes care of the Shrine's animals and staff. Recently, he has been assisting Kipper with the construction of the New Unity Museum.


Professional Development
Badges Earned
Loot Received

03/17/04: Started medical practice on Naboo
03/28/04: Master Medic, Novice Doctor
04/11/04: Placed house in New Unity
04/12/04: Bantha Shrine opens
05/03/04: Master Doctor
05/22/04: Novice Rifleman
06/26/04: Mark of the Hero Badges
06/30/04: Master Rifleman
07/31/04: 11th medical experimentation point
03/06/05: Became one with the Force, 25 badges badge
03/12/05: Unlocked Crafting Mastery:Repair Force-Sensitive Tree, received Aurillian Sculpture 2/4


Zookeeper administers vendors in New Unity's Medical Center, supplying both novice and master healers with pharmaceuticals.

Ohmoq, another of Unity's Doctors, talks shop with Zookeeper.

Yanppy chatted with Zookeeper during a short visit to TC.

Here is a photo taken just before yet another ill-fated attempt to teach Kipper the basics of ranged combat.

Zookeeper taking down fambaa on one of his rare hunting expeditions.
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