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Kipper Herring, Keeper of the Shrine

Quick Stats

Name:Sohrpopoeuur Hreuururhronu (Kipper Herring)
Profession:Creature Handler, Teras Kasi Artist
Statistics:600 Health, 600 Action, 1200 Mind
Fuzzies:(FuzzieLord), (FuzzieSquire)
Order Rank:Priest, Shrinekeeper
Imperial Rank:Colonel


Kipper Herring has always enjoyed a natural affinity for all animals. This trait was a prime factor in his induction into the Order of the Fuzzie Lords. Priests of the Order found him wandering the deserts of Tatooine in search of the mythical Wild Dune Boar, an ugly and violent beast that Kipper nonetheless wanted to study. After his induction, he often protected the Fuzzie Ones from their natural predators and humanoid hunters. Every week he would take injured animals back to the Order and nurse them back to health before releasing them.

In time, several years after the mysterious demise of Alderaan, the Order saw fit to expand their reach and Kipper was sent to Naboo to found a chapter there. The priests granted his one wish: to take with him his astonishing menagerie of animals that he had befriended over the years.

He settled in the city of New Unity, and started to build a shrine to celebrate the majesty and fuzzieness of the Fuzzie Lords. Afterwards, he proceeded to recruit other Shrinekeepers and spread the Word of the Order to the Nabooian population. In his free time, he continued to travel to various planets to study their native species.

Though he has long been a master of Teras Kasi combat techniques, lately he has been fighting less and less. Having laid down his Knucklers for the most part, he now spends time with his creatures and his next project: a multistructure museum. While it is rumored that he is Force-sensitive, he never comments on it and instead insists that becoming Fuzzie-sensitive is the ultimate achievement.


Cherrie, Mantigrue Screecher
Drakkie, Enraged Reptilian Flier
Flappie, Plumed Rasp
FuzzieLord, Bull Bantha
Pattie, Giant Carrion Spat
Tolleren'Yew, Savage Humbaba
Bunnie, Leviasquall
Crystie, Giant Crystal Snake
FuzzieSquire, Feral Bantha
Koppie, Ikopi
Wrinklie, Thune Grassland Guardian
Bullie, Bull Rancor
Dorcie, Great Plains Stalker
Spidie, Gaping Spider Queen
WampCat, Swamp Stalker
Prowlie, Prowling Gurreck
Hellie, Rhoa Kwi Pack Leader
Webbie, Arachne Webmaster
Kerrie, Gurreck
Llowie, Gaping Spider Recluse
Merrie, Toxic Merek Battlelord


Professional Development
Badges Earned
Loot Received
Creatures Tamed

03/03/04: Arrived on Naboo
03/10/04: Teras Kasi Novice
03/12/04: Master Brawler
03/13/04: New house in New Unity
03/16/04: First time off-planet (Endor)
03/17/04: 5/5 Corellia and 4/4 Naboo Explorer badges
03/19/04: 4/4 Rori Explorer Badges
03/21/04: 7/7 Tatooine Explorer Badges, got Bantha Statues and Krayt Dragon Skull
03/23/04: Got Endor Painting
03/24/04: Finished Valarian missions
03/25/04: 4/4 Dantooine Explorer Badges, got Lytus Artifact
03/28/04: First Rancor hunt; dropped Master Brawler; 7/7 Dathomir Explorer Badges

04/02/04: Teras Kasi Master, First trip to Corellian Corvette
04/03/04: First Krayt hunt
04/10/04: Imperial Theme Park Badge, 3/3 Lok Explorer Badges, Nym's Theme Park Badge
04/11/04: Got Master Hunter Trophy
04/12/04: Opened Bantha Shrine, 3/3 Yavin Explorer Badges
04/13/04: 4/4 Endor Explorer Badges
04/18/04: Jabba's Theme Park Badge, Tamed Gurreck
04/19/04: First dev-assisted travel experience
04/24/04: Master Creature Handler, Received last of 45+5 Explorer Badges (4/4 Talus)
04/27/04: Tamed Thune Grassland Guardian
04/28/04: Master Scout
04/30/04: Warren Badges, Novice Fencer

05/03/04: Tamed Mantigrue Screecher
05/04/04: Tamed Greater Sludge Panther
05/06/04: 1M credits
05/11/04: Finished Fencing Template, Tamed Swamp Stalker
05/14/04: Tamed Rhoa Kwi Guardian
05/30/04: Finished Marauder Theme park

06/05/04: Singing Mountain Clan Theme Park
06/06/04: Mark of Altruism
06/09/04: Marks of Intellect (not by luck!) and Courage
06/12/04: Tamed Great Plains Stalker and Prowling Gurreck
06/14/04: Tamed Bull Rancor and Rhoa Kwi Pack Leader, Marks of Honor and The Hero
06/25/04: Helped kill a Gorax, Looted Gorax Bone Shards
06/26/04: Looted Power Plant AV-21

07/01/04: Tamed Enraged Reptilian Flier
07/02/04: Keren City Track Badge (120s), Agrilat Swamp Track Badge (330s), Mos Espa Track Badge (560s), 75 Badges Badge
07/10/04: Attained rank of Imperial Warrant Officer 1
07/20/04: Tamed Gaping Spider Queen
07/31/04: Looted first Holocron

08/06/04: Became one with the Force
08/08/04: Neutral Rescue and Assassination Corvette Badges (75th Actual Badge)
08/10/04: Narmle Track Badge (150s)
08/12/04: Nashal Track Badge (640s)
08/14/04: Lok Track Badge (1588s)

01/28/05: Awarded an AT-ST as personnel support
02/12/05: Finished 5 original loot kits (Table, Gong, Sculpture, Two Rugs)
02/20/05: Attained rank of Lieutenant
02/21/05: Gave Gurreck a ID job for red fur
02/24/05: Attained rank of Captain
02/28/05: Unlocked Combat:Melee Accuracy Force-Sensitive Tree, received Power Crystal
03/05/05: Unlocked Senses:Healing Force-Sensitive Tree, received Bacta Tank
03/13/05: Attained rank of Colonel


Thrain, one of Unity's veteran Creature Handlers, meets (Bullie).

Malc, another of Unity's Creature Handlers, meets (Dorcie).

Sheena, Unity's newest CH, and Kipper introduce (Kerrie) and (Baby) to each other.

Kip finds a new friend for Hegemone.

Clockwise from left: Kipper's standard attire, an older outfit, Bone Armor, and Composite Armor.

Kipper's three bikes, including a vintage Speederbike from Thrain (center).

Kipper and his biggest pets.
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