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Curby, Keeper of the Shrine

Quick Stats

Profession:Musician, Artisan
Statistics:700 Health, 1000 Action, 700 Mind
Order Rank:Shrinekeeper
Faction Rank:Unaffiliated


After a brief appearance around the streets of the Nabooian city of New Unity, the red-skinned Mon Calamari disappeared. After nearly a year's absence, he returned to New Unity, where he was adopted and raised by entertainers in New Unity's Cantina. While a Mon Cal's physique is poorly suited to the physical rigors of dancing and music-making, he gradually became more proficient at playing various instruments, and decided to train to become a Musician. His curious past and unusual upbringing left him with many memories but no native Mon Calamarian name; today he goes by the nickname Curby.

He was the second Shrinekeeper recruited by Kipper Herring into the New Unity Chapter of the Order. The proximity of the Shrine and Cantina is convenient, allowing him to play in the Cantina until the Order's duties call him away. The other Shrinekeepers handle most of the administration of the Shrine, while Curby handles the public relations efforts.


Professional Development
Loot Received

03/01/04: Arrived on Naboo
10/31/04: Returned after mysterious disappearance
11/22/04: Novice Musician

02/07/05: Master Entertainer
02/09/05: Novice Image Designer
02/12/05: Received Western Style Sheet Music
02/13/05: Master Artisan
03/15/05: Master Musician
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