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Bantha Shrine Construction Photos


  1. Introduction
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  3. Altar
  4. Quarters
  5. Miscellaneous

Introduction (Return to top)

This is a collection of screenshots taken during the preparation of the Shrine. The techniques shown here are probably well known to other decorators, but might give others some new ideas.

Lobby (Return to top)

The most important tip: Space things out using other objects.

Plants were all placed the same way, then rotated to simulate variety.

Likely the most carefully centered table on TC.

Always check your work!

Altar (Return to top)

Long tables and two sofas centered the banthas and the altar.

Bookcases were just the right size to fit 5 torches on each side of the room. Fahrenheit 451!

The statues were placed in an arc following the backs of the sofas.

Plants were placed last. The horizontal table was lifted one unit so it would stay on top.

Quarters (Return to top)

Once again, long dining tables to the rescue.

A bookcase was used to make sure all paintings were of the same height.

Lift items as necessary to line everything up, then drop them to the ground.

Miscellaneous (Return to top)

Dropping multiple candles in the same place will make a single bright candle.

Another example of lifting to align, ...

... and then dropping to the ground.

When placing items on a surface, have the camera be at the same level as the surface, looking right across its top. Postures changes may be necessary.

Some of the artisans whose efforts made the Shrine a reality.
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