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New Unity Bantha Shrine

(-6870, 5630) in New Unity, Naboo, Test Center


  1. Introduction
  2. Details and Construction
  3. Pictures
  4. Design Competition

Introduction (Return to top)

We of the Order of the Fuzzie Lords welcome you to our humble Shrine. It is our hope that this Shrine be seen as a place of refuge and worship by those in service to the Fuzzie Lords, as well as those who wish to learn more about our Order and the Fuzzie Lords we serve. While this holodisk offers a glimpse of the Shrine, its wonders are best experienced in person.
 In service to the Fuzzie Lords,
Kipper and Curby,
Keepers of the Shrine

Details and Construction (Return to top)

Through a period of over a month, we Shrinekeepers teamed with local artisans to construct the Shrine and its Altar. Building regulations prevented us from fully realizing our goal of presenting the grandeur and power of the most noble Fuzzie Ones, but we hope that our feeble efforts nonetheless give a sense of their magnificence to visitors.

Item Summaries

49 Light Sources
30 Plants and Trees
13 Places to sit
7 Bantha Statues
6 Bantha Dolls
3 Bantha Idols

Custom-made Objects

Server Rack
Kipper's Bed
Curby's Bed
Food Offerings
Floor Lamp
Tiered Table

For more details and decorating tips, see the Shrine Construction page.

Pictures (Return to top)

Surroundings (Return to top)

The Shrine stands just Northeast of the Cantina in New Unity, on Naboo.

The entrance to the Shrine.

Entryway/Foyer (Return to top)

Comfortable sofas let visitors rest before entering the Shrine proper.

Decorative floor lamps with integrated incense burners provide a cheerful atmosphere.

Lobby (Return to top)

The doorway to the main area of the Shrine.

The lobby also serves as a meeting area for the discussion of Fuzzie matters.

Comfortable seating and lush surroundings offer a quiet retreat from the daily grind.

Workshop (Return to top)

The doorway to the Shrinekeeper's Workshop.

Local fire regulations prohibited the addition of more furnishings, so the Workshop stands empty.

Stairs to the Altar (Return to top)

The doorway to the Altar.

The stairs down to the Altar are cast in flickering candlelight.

The Shrine Guardians watch over the passageway to the altar.

The Spirit Tree of the Fuzzie Lords is yet young. Grown from a long-dormant seed found deep in the deserts of Tatooine, it glows from within with the powerful spirit of the Fuzzie Ones.

Altar (Return to top)

Our Altar is humble, but blessed by the Fuzzie Ones it still inspires awe in visitors.

The Altar is usually piled high with offerings from visiting scouts and chefs.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their pets to the Shrine.

The physical manifestations of the Fuzzie Ones are especially welcome.

Stairs to the Quarters (Return to top)

The walkway to the Shrinekeepers' Quarters is also lit by candles.

Shrinekeepers' Quarters (Return to top)

The doorway to the Quarters.

The Quarters offer a more subdued atmosphere where the Shrinekeepers can rest after a long day.

Nightstands of the finest ebony from the forests of Endor are gifts from a local architect.

The Shrine's computer servers spread the message of our humble Order through the holonet.

Balcony (Return to top)

Past the Quarters, the walkway leads to the Shrine's balcony.

The Cantina, bank terminals, and vendors' plaza can be seen from the balcony.

Bantha Dolls (Return to top)

The Shrine displays several Bantha Statues in its rooms, but it also houses six of the rare and extra-fuzzie Bantha Dolls.

Design Competition (Return to top)

While the Order does not advocate the use of publicity stunts and contests to gain supporters, it realizes that public events are a good way to spread the Word of the Fuzzie Lords, and further the mission of the Order. With these goals in mind, the Shrinekeepers have submitted their first Shrine to the Galactic Home Show Competition. It is the Shrinekeepers' hope that all friends of the Fuzzie Lords will show their support not just for the Shrinekeepers' efforts, but for the awe-inspiring Fuzzie Lords themselves. Only with your support can the Order spread the love of the Fuzzie Lords throughout the Galaxy. The following is the image submitted to the competition.

Update: The Shrine's submission did not win, but our efforts will not be stalled by this minor disappointment.

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