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Most Banthas on Test Center were given names of Mexican condiments. (Salsa), Jo's Bantha, started the trend.

(Wrinklie) the Thune tries to fit in. (Chimichunga) is Zak's, (Frijoles) is Scooters', and (FuzzieSquire) is Kip's.

Kipper's Banthas were going to be named (FuzzieLord), (FuzzieKnight), and (FuzzieSquire), but Knight is a forbidden term for names. /sigh

It was common to call out the Banthas so they could mingle and be fuzzie. The law of exponential cuteness states that the amount of cute present grows exponentially with respect to the number of Bantha present.

Tal's Bantha was called (Forest).

This is about the time that people start melting due to overwhelming cute.

Banthas had two tricks. One was a headstand. The other was a head-banging dance.



While buffing just before a Krayt hunt, even (Birdie) got some love.

(Whrinklie) the Thune Grassland Guardian, right after taming.

(Bullie) the Bull Rancor sees something off to the side. (Bullie) was the first Bull Rancor tamed on Test Center.

Rancors have four tricks. When standing, they can clap their hands or balance on one foot. When kneeling, they either hide under their hands or pound the ground.

(Bunnie) the Leviasquall waves to the camera.

(Crystie) the Giant Crystal Snake shows one of the few times transparency is used in the game.

(Crystie) strikes a pose in Coronet.

Kip stands guard as (Koppie) the Ikopi prepares to boot yet another AFK entertainer.

After travelling all the way to Bria, (Koppie) got very tired.

(Koppie) doing a happy dance. When you're that top-heavy though, dancing is quite dangerous.

(Llowie) the Gaping Spider Recluse is sensitive about his appearance. Whatever you do, don't tell the towering arachnid that he looks scary. He might cry, and accidentally burn a hole clear through your arm with his tears.

Mereks are some of the most durable pets, and they have good special attacks and ranged attacks too! I prefer the look of Klikniks, though they aren't as effective in combat.

(Webbie) the Arachne Webmaster deserves to be on the Internet.

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