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Miscellaneous Funnies

The Empire training its synchronized swimming patrol.

LD, or Link Dead, is used to label players who have disconnected from the server. In this case, it means Lying Down.

My first set of composite armor (the heaviest, most protective armor in the game). I had to color-code it so I could remember which piece fit where.

What a cute couple! Kipper looks on with envy.

Miscellaneous Critters

The devs spawned a bunch of Goraxes as a special event. In the end it was overkill. Two groups totalling 30 players took it down in a couple of minutes. It dropped some Gorax Bones, a rare but generally useless loot item.

Spawned by Nesh, patron saint of Pharples, during his retirement party.

They all died facing me, mouth agape. That's my meat shield up in front.

Posing in front of our fallen opponent.

Interesting loot. It went in Curby's House on Chilastra.

Miscellaneous Entertaining

A bunch of Corsec and Battle Droids spawned in Coronet. I went in there to boost morale with my music, and received an event badge for my trouble. I didn't even incap!

Three each: Twileks, pets, ent droids.

St. Patrick's Day crawl

Miscellaneous Scenery

The famous bridge on Dathomir, near the Singing Mountain Clan base.

Picturesque scene on a plateau in the high mountains of Rori

Beautiful if stereotypical. One of the greatest things about SWG was the moving sun that cast different shadows depending on the time of day.

Miscellaneous Museum

For a long time I was working on a multi-structure museum that would hold every uncraftable object in the game before Aurillia. I got far, and collected most of the rare loot to have ever spawned, but the CU and other changes destroyed any chance of completion. This is the house that held all the uncraftable clothing items.

The pair of boots at the left is the only item that wasn't made craftable when the other items like the winged hotpants and snow boots were made craftable. It is displayed alongside craftable uniform boots to show the difference.

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