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Curby, Creature Empath

Quick Stats

Profession:Teras Kasi Artist, Swordsman, Fencer
Statistics:600 Health, 600 Action, 1200 Mind
Fuzzies:(FuzzieLord), (Li'l-Fuzzie)
Order Rank:Friend of the Order
Rebel Rank:First Lieutenant


This Bothan grew up in the quiet suburbs outside of Theed. During his stay at a training academy in Kaadara, he learned various crafting and slicing skills. In his free time he became adept at the manipulation of Holonet nodes. This hobby brought to light some of the Empire's disinformation and propaganda tactics, and he came to distrust the Empire.

After a failed intrusion attempt to find out more about the Alderaan incident, he was chased off Naboo by Imperial Bounty Hunters. It took all of his cunning and some help from some contacts in the underground Rebellion to draw the search off. He holed up in the arid deserts of Tatooine, where he assumed the new identity "Curby".

These recent events, in addition to the relatively undeveloped state of Tatooine, required him to leave the Holonet behind and develop a more practical outlook on life. The aggressive wildlife and humanoid natives of Tatooine forced him to learn some fighting skills, and he found himself most adept with two-handed weapons.

Soon after his arrival on Tatooine, he found a group of monks fending off an attack by frenzied Tusken Raiders. As the Tuskens had been a continual nuisance, and the monks were not faring well in the battle, he stepped in to lend a hand. To his amazement, they wouldn't let him harm any of the Tuskens' characteristic mounts, the Bantha.

They called themselves monks of the Order of the Fuzzie Lords, an offshoot of the Dim-U sect. As he learned more about them, he realized that the Order worshipped the Bantha and abhorred the Tuskens for what they called "barbaric enslavement" of the "noble Fuzzie Ones." While he never became inducted into the Order, he admired the monks for their caring for all creatures, not just the Bantha.

Several years later, the Rebellion was able to insert fabricated records of his death into the Imperial data banks. With his past identity finally behind him, and a quick trip to an Image Designer to complete the ruse, he was able to travel the galaxy. As he left Tatooine, the Order honored him with a Bantha companion of his own.


Curby arrived on Talus on March 8th, 2005. There, he met Odi and Pappi, who had similar reasons for hating the Empire. They convinced him to join the Rebellion in an official capacity, and to consider joining a community of like-minded Rebels on Talus. Soon there-after, he joined the legendary Crescent Order, a close-knit group based in the city of Tsarin.

A month later, in mid-April, he was accepted officially into the Rebellion. After this, he decided to become proficient in close-quarters combat. A strenuous training regimen had amazing results. He became a Master Brawler on April 16th, Master Swordsman on the 21st, and Teras Kasi Master on the 24th.

The next day, the Tsarin zoning authority granted him the placement of a house in Tsarin. He immediately began collecting furniture and decorations for his house.

At the beginning of May, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Rebel forces. On the 7th, he became Master Fencer, and thus simultaneously held masteries in three melee combat disciplines. His training complete, he commissioned a tailor to create a set of rugged clothing for him. This outfit would at once protect him from the rigors of melee combat and allow him the freedom to effect his most devastating attacks.

After he received this outfit on the 11th, he noticed a curious trend. Imperial soldiers would often trip and fall down in his presence. This was an extreme embarrassment to them, and in generosity he would relieve them of their duty.

As he went on his first two personal quests to earn badges and collect home decorations, he discovered that assisting Stormtroopers in their retirement was a third joy for him, and he became well-known for this unusual hobby. In fact, the Rebellion awarded him with two Rebel Banners and promoted him to Sergeant.

By the end of May, he had fully explored six planets, recorded best times in all six galactic racetracks, and completed collecting the materials required to make a Nabooian sculpture, an Orange Rug, and a Glass-top Table. During that time, he managed to help some Stormtroopes scuttle a damaged AT-ST.

June would prove to be a busy month as well. On the 2nd, he killed the crazed leader of the Imperial Warren on Dantooine and received two badges for his actions there. On the 4th, he completed entire sets of quests for Jabba the Hutt and the Rebellion, received an Ornate Rug from the Mayor of Bestine, and explored Talus, Dantooine, and Yavin. These experiences made him aware of his connection with the Force, and he was visited by an old man who told him he was Force Sensitive.

On June 5th, he finished exploring all the known planets of the Galaxy, accepted a Lightsaber Crystal as a gift from a retired Stormtrooper, and was promoted to Staff Sergeant. Four days later, he found himself promoted to Master Sergeant and recipient of an Aurillian Banner for helping the village of Aurillia.

On the 12th, he joined forces with Orba in killing a Gorax. They were among the first in the galaxy to earn a badge for this feat.

That night, he was promoted to Warrant Officer Two. Within a week, he had joined the Crimson Phoenix Squadron of the Rebel Navy, received his 75th badge, and purchased a Y-Wing fighter. During a trip back to Tatooine, he found a dwarf Bantha wandering alone in the desert. Separated from its family, its chances of survival were slim. With the help of Creature Handler Gwaroo, he tamed it and named it (Li'l-Fuzzie).

While on Tatooine, he joined a hunting party that killed a Krayt Ancient and was awarded another badge for the accomplishment.

His training as a pilot ramped up quickly as well. On June 18th, he was certified a level 1111 pilot, then 2222 on the 20th, 3333 on the 25th, and 4444 on the 30th. He upgraded his Y-Wing to an X-Wing on the 21st, and reached a speed of 1000 for the first time on the 25th. At the end of June his house was finally fully furnished, and became the subject of a famous holonet show.

July was a turning point in Curby's life. On the 2nd, he was promoted to Warrant Officer One. By the 5th, he had saved 2 million credits in the bank. Four days later, he was made a Rebel Pilot Ace. He began to explore the planet of Kashyyyk. By the 25th, he had saved a total of five million credits, and just five days later he had doubled that again.

The Next Step

By the end of July, Curby had achieved a lot. He had millions of credits, scores of badges, houses full of looted items, and ranks of Lieutenant in the Army and Ace Pilot in the Navy. Nonetheless, he began to feel an emptiness inside him. Something that he first noticed months ago gradually grew at the edges of his consciousness.

The galaxy was changing, and he was powerless to stop it. Unrest spread throughout all the planets, but no solutions were found. He decided to go on a retreat, and left for mountains of Northern Talus to meditate.

Towards the end of January 2006, he returned with a heavy heart. After nearly half a year, he found the galaxy much worse than he had left it. The city of Tsarin was almost deserted. Many of his old stalwart companions had left for other galaxies. That night, as he sat on the porch of his house, he made his decision. He would leave as well.

He packed up a few belongings and left the majority of his treasures to the mayor of Tsarin. He didn't want his house, which had comforted his tired, aching body throughout his stay on Talus, to fall into disrepair. He made sure there were sufficient resources to maintain it after he had left.

At last, he was as prepared as he would ever be. He gave Li'l-Fuzzie a hug, wondering if the comforting gesture was for the Bantha's benefit or his own.

For the last time, he looked into the beautiful sunrise of Tsarin, a breathtaking sight he would never see again. With a final silent goodbye and thanks to all, he left that morning. He left behind priceless memories of friendships forged and battles fought, memories of joy that were at times pierced by sorrow. He would never forget the brave Rebels of Tsarin, no matter where his travels would take him.

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