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  3. Graphics Gone Awry
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Stuck Up People (Return to top)

Welcome to New Unity. Our fine selection of services includes being buried alive!

When construction crews find a sleeping bum, they just build around the problem.

Best conceal shot ever.

Coronet's gardens double as jails.

NPCs with nowhere to go.

Physics Phucked Again (Return to top)

The fambaa that can't be knocked down.

Graphics Gone Awry (Return to top)

Introducing new Children's Chewable Stims, in cherry, orange, and lemon!

M.C. Escher is on the art team apparently.

Check out the plant by my feet in the Keren starport.

Yes, those are stars in the background.

The beautiful bug-eyed ladies of TC, including Arrowyn, Milla, Panatis, and Sheena.
These, like all the other pics on this page, are undoctored.

The overland, undergrass trail.

As long as the plants are flying, why not animals and palaces too?

Miscellaneous Pics (Return to top)

Update (Return to top)

While updating a vendor, I looked inside a bag. Then I dropped the bag in the ground and went to the bag's parent container, which was now the Cantina. The contents of the cantina are therefore shown (but cannot be sold on the vendor).

Maybe not really a bug, but it looks painful.

Last time we had buried people. Now they're floating!

Player: "So much texture corruption!"

Player: "Arghh, stop showing me corrupted textures!"

Game: "Ok, no more corrupted textures."

In case you're wondering, that New Imperial Security Protocol failed the test.

I'm so powerful I sent it right into the cliff.

Trainers are recruited in pairs for fault tolerance.

This happened all the time on Tatooine after driving up and down cliffs for a while.

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